Mindfulness in Schools and Homes

Mindfulness increases awareness, compassion and interconnection. When we teach these skills to young people we build a strong foundation for future leaders and wonderful human beings.  Colibri Mindfulness and Yoga programs can be incorporated into classrooms before, during or after the school day.

I work with individuals who are stopped in their tracks by anxiety. This can look very different from person to person and the type of anxiety. Being afraid of the dark, experiencing certain phobias, obsessive compulsive thinking, sleep disorders. By establishing trust and teaching mindfulness tools we work together to overcome what is getting in their way of being fully engaged in life.

I use mindfulness practices to help tune into the sensory experience and emotions. Mindfulness has been shown to greatly reduce anxiety and boost confidence. Through breathing exercises, body awareness, mindful listening, loving-kindness, mindful eating and the expression of gratitude, we develop more healthy ways of being.

Some of the most effective and fast acting antidotes for severe panic attacks are breathing exercises. I have worked with many people who experience regular anxiety and panic attacks and they have reported experiencing much relief when using these tools.

Mindfulness supports the social-emotional goals of many schools. A growing body of research and neuroscience has shown many benefits of mindfulness:

  • Better focus and concentration

  • Increased sense of calm

  • Decreased stress & anxiety

  • Enhanced health

  • Improved impulse control

Mindfulness allows us to pause and take notice of what is happening inside and all around. It slows us down in this fast paced culture that we live in. Mindfulness teaches us to be more present to ourselves and to others. Igniting our lives and making everything brighter. Tasting, feeling, and hearing become enhanced. Mindfulness is noticing things for the first time, and giving thanks.

Kara-Lee is an incredible presence!  Her warm smile and energy makes you feel at ease very quickly. She has a open and gentle way with children.  Her ability to tune into what each child needs is a true gift.   I have had the pleasure to meet and work with her over 15 years ago in the public school system.  She was wonderful to work with, great with the children and has a strong work ethic.  We recently crossed paths again in the mindfulness field and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her again.  KaraLee is a true embodiment of her practice.

Renee Metty

Founder and Certified Mindful Schools Instructor, www.thecoveschool.com

I teach at a non-profit preschool that serve families that usually come from trauma.  Our little preschoolers are refugees, struggle with poverty and come from families that don’t always have the needed tools to support whole child growth.  Having Kara-Lee come to our school and teach yoga was one of the best decisions we have ever made!  Not only were the children all engaged, but they truly loved her classes!  Teaching young children, especially those who need a little extra, how to care for their mind, bodies and spirits is one of the biggest gifts you can give.  The day Kara-Lee came to our school she not only touched 30 little hearts, but many big ones as well!  Now we use “yoga breaths” every day to help calm our bodies and our minds….I can’t begin to tell how much this has helped the kids and the teachers!  We are extremely grateful for Kara-Lee sharing her compassion, healing and heart with our school and we cannot wait to have her come back and visit again!

Sahkiya Brakebill

teacher at Neighborhood School, http://neighborhoodschooljp.org/mission/

Kids love mindfulness activities and are always asking for more.

Often, at the beginning of class, my students ask if we can do an extra long relaxation meditation. They love the feeling of being grounded and still. My students tell me it makes them feel warm and happy inside. They often have smiles on their faces as they become relaxed.