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“Kara-Lee’s yoga and meditation class is so much fun. She was able to tap into the enthusiasm of each participant who attended the Women’s Wisdom Journey workshop in Breitenbush, Oregon. Her technique is relaxing, easy to follow and the yoga moves are not body breaking. I enjoyed her warm and friendly personality. I felt very comfortable with her welcoming aura. Will attend her yoga and meditation classes again. I recommend. ” Rocel

Retreat participant

Dear Kara-Lee,
Thank you for inspiring me to be a more thoughtful and kinder person. You have such compassion and grace, reaching the heart and comforting the being. Thank you. Love, Joyce Joyce

Retreat participant, Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the great pleasure of being both a student and a colleague of Kara-Lee. Her teaching abilities are excellent. She has a very good sense of timing and the needs of a group. In addition, she is such a warm and compassionate human being that everyone in her classes feels taken care of.
As a colleague I feel no hesitation about her leadership abilities. She is a very capable leader/facilitator and would be a wonderful addition to any organization.
I highly recommend Kara-Lee.
Judith Waldman

MSW and Retreat Facilitator, Stand, Flow, Shine

Camp Testimonials 

August 13 – 17 2018
Learning Garden Montessori School

“An energetic and spiritual coming together of friends from the community ~ very nourishing!!”  ~ Parent Testimonial

“Evan LOVED yoga camp. He has attended various camps in the past, but we have never seen him so excited and enthused about any camp. He looked forward to camp each day, and often stated “I LOVE yoga camp,” which he has never said about any other camps. He even asked whether there is a winter camp, because he did not want to wait until next summer to experience the camp again. Additionally, we were impressed and surprised by how much more empathic, compassionate, and mindful he became after starting yoga camp. It is hard to believe that one week of yoga camp can have this effect, but that is what we observed. Kara-Lee is doing something right!” ~ Parent Testimonial


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Yoga Summer Camp at Learning Garden Yoga