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Kara-Lee began practicing and studying yoga when she moved to Seattle in 1995, and started to teach her young nephews yoga poses and meditation. She now spreads her love of yoga and mindfulness wherever she can! After earning a Master’s degree in Education and Mental Health Counseling, Kara-Lee worked as a child and family therapist in Seattle Public Schools and an instructor and therapist for kids with special needs at Bellevue College. She completed her 95 hour Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) through Next Generation Yoga and continues to train through Mindful Schools. Kara-Lee is in awe of the natural world and our ability to heal through plants and energy. She is a Reiki Master and loves to learn about energy medicine. When she is not teaching yoga and mindfulness Kara-Lee can be found in the garden, swimming, running along the lake with her husband Andrew, and enjoying living in the Pacific Northwest.

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I had the great honor of training Kara-Lee as a Next Generation Yoga Teacher and have been working closely with her ever since. Teachers, parents and especially children are enamored by her warm-hearted, joyful and highly skilled approach to teaching Yoga and mindfulness. What makes her classes exceptional is that Kara-Lee has a masterful ability to connect with children and families, and weave together Yoga and mindfulness classes that speak to that connection. Kara-Lee has truly found her calling as a Kids Yoga Teacher.

Colibri Kids Yoga with Kara-Lee in Seattle- Next Generation Yoga

Nicole Koleshis

Senior Next Generation Yoga Trainer and Teacher, www.nicolekoleshis.com

COLIBRI – The Hummingbird 

When considered as a symbol, the hummingbird almost universally evokes positive connotations, a sense of happiness and loveliness. This excerpt from Universe Of Symbolism is representative:

Appearing out of no where the Hummingbird springs joy in the heart, and there is magic in the air in this moment of fleeting serendipity. Iridescent colors shimmering in the breeze, she pauses mid air to to drink in the sweet nectar that the flower so generously provides her. Hummingbird is a symbol of all things good.

According to Spirit Animal, “The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy and playfulness, as well as adaptability.”

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